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Dirty Portuguese: Everyday Slang from

Dirty Portuguese: Everyday Slang from 
Dirty Portuguese: Everyday Slang from

Subsequent time you are touring or simply chattin’ in Portuguese with your mates, drop the textbook formality and bust out with expressions they by no means educate you in class, together with:

  • Cool slang
  • Humorous insults
  • Express intercourse phrases
  • Uncooked swear phrases

Dirty Portuguese teaches the informal expressions heard on daily basis on the streets of Brazil:

What’s up? — Tudo bem?

Are those fake boobs? — Você tem silicone no peito?

I need to take a piss. — Preciso mijar.

That goalie is so weak. — Esse goleiro é uma mãe.

Shit’s about to go down! — O coro vai comer!

I’m smashed. — Tô bebum.

Let’s fuck like animals. — Vamos trepar como animais.














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Dirty Portuguese: Everyday Slang from










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