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English File Intermediate Student’s Book (4th Edition)

English File Intermediate Student’s Book (4th Edition)    
English File Intermediate Student's Book (4th Edition)

NEW and updated texts, topics, and tasks that make students want to speak in English.
Students build confidence to communicate with a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and skills in every File.
Each Student’s Book comes with access to new Online Practice that is directly linked to each Student’s Book.
English File now integrates NEW video listening activities in to each even numbered File. These short documentaries and dramas make class time more dynamic and exciting.
NEW interactive videos linked to Practical English sections allow students to record themselves and play the recording back for out-of-class speaking practice.
NEW Sound Bank Videos videos bring English File’s unique Sound Bank to life.










Size: 408 MB
Series: English File
Edition: 4th Edition
Date: 2019







  • SB
  • Audio










English File Intermediate Student’s Book (4th Edition)













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