New Language Leader – Elementary: VIDEO

New Language Leader offers the ideal combination of teaching general English and Academic English, helping learners use English in a globalised world. Designed around topics that stimulate discussion and debate, it has systematic skills work and a thorough study and writing skills syllabus. The most effective course for 21st century students: not just teaching language, but supporting universities and pathway institutions in developing rounded, high-flying students with the real skills they need to succeed in academic study and their future careers.

Unit 01 Cities

Unit 02 Work and study

Unit 03 Nature

Unit 04 Leisure time

Unit 05 Transport

Unit 06 Food

Unit 07 Shopping

Unit 08 History and culture

Unit 09 Inventions

Unit 10 Money

Unit 11 Homes

Unit 12 Travel

2014 | English | MP4, SRT | 348.21 MB

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