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Discovering Albanian I: Textbook

Discovering Albanian I: Textbook  
Discovering Albanian I: Textbook


Approximately five million people worldwide speak Albanian. The opening of Albania in the 1990s to broader trading and diplomatic relations with other nations has created a need for better knowledge of the language and culture of this country. This book teaches the student to communicate in everyday situations in the language, with each chapter introducing a new situational context. Students learn to discuss work, vacations, health, and entertainment. Students also learn to practice basic skills such as shopping, ordering tickets, and renting an apartment. Upon completing this textbook, students will be at the A2/B1 level of proficiency on the scale provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
















Size: 2 MB
Series:Discovering Albanian
Level: 1
Date: 2011















Discovering Albanian 1 Textbook











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