First Friends 2 Numbers Book PDF

First Friends 2 Numbers Book PDF download

First Friends 2 Numbers Book PDF

First Friends 2 Numbers Book PDF

First Friends is an engaging and comprehensive two-level beginner’s course designed to develop vocabulary, practice phonics, and teach family values. This course makes the first year of learning English both motivating and enjoyable for young learners.

Key Features:

  1. Motivating Learning Experience:
    • Structured Unit Cycle: The course follows a regular unit cycle, which helps create a consistent and positive learning environment.
    • Engaging Support Resources: Resources such as songs, chants, and interactive digital materials make learning fun and interactive, boosting children’s confidence and enthusiasm.
  2. Phonics Program:
    • Carefully Researched: The phonics program is meticulously designed for children who do not use the Roman alphabet.
    • Progressive Learning: The pacing and order of letter introduction have been carefully researched to ensure effective learning.
    • Visual Aids: Each phonics page includes a handy alphabet chart, highlighting the letter being studied. This allows learners to track their progress easily. Both upper and lower case letters are taught.
  3. Extended Learning:
    • Little Friends: For an extended three-level course, you can integrate Little Friends. This extension provides a comprehensive approach to English learning, ensuring a solid foundation.
  4. Importance of Kindergarten:
    • Crucial Year: Kindergarten is a pivotal year that shapes children’s attitudes towards learning and English. The course recognizes this and emphasizes the importance of teaching reading at this stage.
  5. Interactive and Fun:
    • Catchy Phonics Chants: These chants make phonics practice enjoyable and memorable.
    • Colorful Alphabet Poster: A visual aid that enhances the learning experience.
    • Interactive Digital Material: Ensures lessons are lively and engaging.
  6. Parental Involvement:
    • Audio CD: Includes songs, chants, and stories that children can practice at home, encouraging parental involvement in their child’s learning process.

Why Choose First Friends?

With its reliable structure, rich resources, and successful methodology, First Friends is the ideal course for beginner English learners. It not only builds essential language skills but also fosters a love for learning. Give it a try, and you’ll see why it’s first for English and first for fun!





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