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Teaching Teenagers

Teaching Teenagers: Model Activity Sequences for Humanistic Language Learning (Pilgrims Longman Resource Books) This book shows how teachers can motivate teenage language learners, encourage them to communicate in a real way and teach humanistically while following a predetermined school syllabus. It gives 9 sequences of activities which provide an account of the authors\’ experience of addressing these problems and the techniques which they used. The book shows how to make language learning relevant to the students\’ own experience. It explains how to stimulate creativity and encourages students to learn both independently and co-operatively, whilst developing social skills at the same time. All the sequences in the book can be followed as described adapted to other content or referred to as a source of individual activities. The “Pilgrim Longman Resource Books” aim to provide a range of practical lessons in recipe format. They are written by experienced English language teachers. The activities can be used as the basis for lessons, as a departure point for classroom development and creativity or as last minute time fillers.


Format: PDF
Size: 4 MB
Date: 1993
Series: Pilgrims Longman Resource Books


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