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Aim High 2 Teacher’s Book

Aim High 2 Teacher’s Book

Aim High 2 Teacher's Book

Aim High is a six-level English language course. The development of Aim High was informed by research in schools – observing lessons and talking to teachers and students.The information we gathered has given us valuable insights into what students and teachers want from a coursebook, and these became the guiding principles for Aim High. Most people asked for:
a challenging input of active and passive vocabulary
a strong focus on reading and writing skills
rapid progression in the grammar syllabus
plenty of support for skills work, especially writing
a focus on dealing with idiomatic English and dictionary skills
serious but motivating topics
plenty of extra practice material.
The Teacher’s Book gives complete teaching notes for the whole course, including ideas for tackling mixed-ability classes. In addition, it offers:
background information, optional activities and answer keys
7 photocopiable end-of-unit tests
the Workbook answer key.












Size: 2,94 MB
Series: Aim High
Level: 2
Date: 2011









Aim High 2 Teacher’s Book








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