Success Advanced Teacher’s Book PDF

Success Advanced Teacher’s Book PDF download

Success Advanced Teacher's Book PDF

Success Advanced Teacher’s Book PDF

Welcome to Success.


Success is a six-level course for upper secondary students, taking learners from zero beginner to an advanced level of English competency.

It is aimed at fourteen to twenty-year-old students.

The age range has been fundamental in defining the most important features of the course.

Students at this age are at the peak of their cognitive development.

Students at this age are at the peak of their cognitive development.

They learn best when they are encouraged to use discovery techniques and engage with interesting topics related to their age.

In common with learners in all age groups, they need a lot of recycling to internalise and acquire the new grammar, vocabulary and functional language input, but they can also deal with big chunks of new material.

Students at this age want to learn about the world.

Success has a highly educational content.

It not only teaches English but also provides students with information about the culture of English-speaking countries and the world at large.

It provides interesting and engaging exercises and texts that deal with citizenship issues, literature, history, geography,art, science and technology as well as the challenges of everyday life.

Students at this age are young adults who want to be independent in their learning.

Success promotes maturity in its approach to learning through self-assessment strategies, topics and tasks which encourage the learner to think about what they read, rather than just respond to it.

Success provides everything students of English need to cross the border between their school life and the outside world.

Success is designed for learners who are at a critical point in their education.

The exams they take,whether school-leaving/university entrance exams or public exams such as those of Cambridge Assessment, will determine their future.

All exams now follow Common European Framework requirements, which means that they are skills-oriented with a special emphasis on communication.

Success has a very strong skills syllabus and task types from different exams are practised throughout the course.
Special features in the Success Workbook such as exam tips and self-assessment tests also help students deal with exam tasks.
The tests included in the Testing and Evaluation Programme are designed to give students a sense of progress and achievement.


Although the course has been designed for use in state-sector schools, it is also suitable for use in private language schools and the activities will work well with both small and large groups – of up to thirty students.

Lesson preparation

The format of the units in the Students’ Book guarantees successful lessons.

Clear headings and the logical sequencing of exercises ensure that Success will be very easy for you to teach from with little preparation.

The fact that the order of sections changes in every unit makes the lessons varied and interesting.

Further support is given in the Teacher’s Support Book with ideas for warm-ups, extra activities and photocopiable activities while the Workbook offers additional flexibility to the pattern of the unit.

Extra material (eg Culture Shock sections) provides ideal material for special one-off lessons.

The Workbook offers further exercises for homework.

As the exercises strongly reflect themes and language from the Students’ Book input, you do not need to spend too much time explaining homework tasks to your students.

Evaluation and assessment

Monitoring students’ progress is particularly important in the light of exam preparation.

Students need to be confident that they can pass the relevant exams at each stage of their learning.
Success provides you with a unique testing and evaluation system that includes different types of tests as well as help with the grading and planning of the entire school year.

The Test Master CD-ROM provides all the testing materials in an electronic version, making it easy for you to customise it to your particular classroom situation.

Dealing with mixed-level classes

Placement tests in the Testing and Evaluation Programme help you to place your students in groups according to their level, and allow you to make the right choice of book from the six levels of Success for your class.




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