Aprende Gramática Y Vocabulario 1

Niveles A1, A2, B1; B2 del Marco Comun Europeo de Referencia. Cada volumen trabaja las cuestiones de gramatica; vocabulario correspondientes al nivel. Explicaciones con un lenguaje clarclaro; sencillo graduado al nivel de difi cultad. Lexico agrupado en campos semanticos. Trabajo para el aula o para autoaprendizaje. Contiene tablas de verbos regulares e irregulares. Aprende gramatica y vocabulario is a supplementary material, suitable both for classroom use and for self-study. The book is divided into two parts: the first one covers grammatical points and the second one focuses on vocabulary. Aprende 1 contains 30 grammar lessons and 14 vocabulary lessons. Every grammar unit is organized into three sections: Situaciones: a grammatical point is introduced. Como es?: presentation of grammatical models. Practica: a series of activities graded according to their difficulty. Students will develop their grammatical skills step by step. The second part of the book focuses on vocabulary. Each unit introduces and practises the most useful and basic vocabulary of each level, in an entertaining and fluent way. It also contains numerous illustrations, which help students to learn more easily and fast. The book includes at the back a regular and irregular verb list, and the answer key to the exercises.


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