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British Council Podcasts (2006 – 2009)

British Council Podcasts (2006 – 2009) Learn English PDF,MP3

British Council Podcasts (2006 – 2009)



Learn English with British Council

These audio recordings were created by the British Embassy in collaboration with additional organizations to make learning English simple and fun.

Each recording has a corresponding script, so you can easily learn to perceive English by ear.

The distribution contains a huge number of articles, poems, stories and records about everything.

The scripts for writing ‘about everything’ contain exercises that will help you consolidate the material.

The authors advise simply downloading the recordings to your iPod, relaxing and listening anywhere to improve your perception.

In addition, the official website has a bunch of additional interesting things, such as games, exercises, etc.

Additional information: All files are free and downloaded from the official website
The distribution contains absolutely all the files that are available today on the specified site.

All files are renamed according to content for ease of finding which script belongs to which audio file.

The point of the distribution is that everything is collected in one place and optimized for use.













Size: 1.68 GB
Date:2006 – 2009











British Council Podcasts (2006 – 2009) PDF,MP3














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