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Business Grammar & Practice: Pre-Intermediate

Business Grammar & Practice: Pre-Intermediate PDF
Business Grammar & Practice Pre-Intermediate

If you are required to use English at work but feel you need to build up your grammar, Collins new Business Grammar & Practice is the perfect solution. Well-known Business English experts Nick Brieger and Simon Sweeney guide the user through 84 units to explain the structure of the English language. Examples of real usage are followed by a simple but thorough explanation of each grammar point. Then, a range of practice exercises cement your understanding. All of the sample sentences are taken from the COBUILD corpus. This ensures that you don’t learn artificial language – instead you get to grips with the vocabulary and structures that are used in the business world around the globe today. Work through the book from start to finish for a comprehensive course in pre-intermediate grammar, or pick and choose the topics of most interest to you. Topics covered: Main tenses (presents, imperatives, pasts, futures, conditionals) Auxiliaries and modals Voice – active vs. passive constructions Irregularities Sentence and clause types Nouns Adjectives and Adverbs Determiners (articles, pronouns, demonstratives, quantifiers…) Prepositions CEF level: A2–B1 ALSO AVAILABLE: Collins Business Grammar & Practice: Intermediate






Size:6,57 МB
pages:192 pages
Series:Collins English for Business
Edition:First edition
Date:7 April 2011








Business Grammar & Practice: Pre-Intermediate PDF











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