Čeština Expres 1

Čeština Expres 1 PDF,MP3

Čeština Expres 1

Čeština Expres 1 is a revised and expanded edition of the popular textbook Czech Expres 1.

The textbook is aimed at mastering communicative and practical skills, primarily perception and communication.

Consists of two parts. The first is a monolingual textbook in Czech, a part of which is a novelty – the Workbook.

The second is an Appendix with vocabulary, grammar tables and comments in the student’s native language

(English, German and Russian versions have been released; other languages ​​are being prepared for publication).

The texts are complemented by numerous color photographs and original illustrations, including favorite comics.

The set includes an audio CD.




  • book
  • audio
  • Додаток
  • Appendix
  • Приложения






Size: 384 MB
Pages:101,68 ,52, 69
Series:Čeština Expres
Course language: Czech, English, Russian





Čeština Expres 1 PDF,MP3




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