Čeština Expres 3

Čeština Expres 3 PDF,MP3

Čeština Expres 3

The publication, which covers the first half of the A2 level according to the Common European Language Standard, is a continuation of the textbooks Čeština Expres 1 and Čeština Expres 2. In seven practical lessons, those wishing to learn the Czech language learn to orient themselves and react in new communication situations (for example, the topics “Countries, peoples, languages”, “What food do you like or dislike”, “People around us”, “Family relations” , “The place where I live”, “How we look”, “How to be polite” and many others). The textbook is focused on practicing all language competencies. Czech grammar is simplified as much as possible; the student gets to know it through texts and visual tables. The textbook is intended for teaching in groups and individual lessons.
Čeština Expres 3 consists of two parts. The first part is a textbook and workbook in Czech. The texts and exercises in this part are supplemented with a large number of photographs and original illustrations, including comics that students already love. The second part is an Appendix with vocabulary, grammar tables and explanations that help to learn Czech through the student’s native language (English, German and Russian versions are coming out at the same time; other languages ​​are being prepared for publication). The app contains the key to the exercises and a generalized vocabulary for all lessons in alphabetical order. The set includes an audio CD.





  • textbook with a workbook
  • Audio
  • Приложение






Size: 163 MB
Pages:106 ,52, 95
Series:Čeština Expres
Course language: Czech, English, Russian



Čeština Expres 3 PDF,MP3




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