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Close-Up B2 Workbook with Audio (2nd edition)

Close-Up B2 WorkBook with Audio 2nd edition PDF,MP3
Close-Up B2 WorkBook with Audio 2nd edition

The textbook is the main element of the course, contains the basic theoretical and practical materials necessary for a successful educational process, is divided into 12 sections, which have 5 lesson-spreads devoted to basic language skills, the study of vocabulary and grammar. Each section ends with a video, the purpose of which is to provide as much information as possible on the topic of the section, expand students’ knowledge of the world around them, and present ideas for further discussion.
The topics, texts, audio and video materials remained unchanged, but the authors redid most of the exercises and assignments. There are separate ‘Exam Task’ and ‘Exam Close-up’ sections that describe the types of exam tasks and provide step-by-step instructions for completing them. There is also a new ‘Ideas Focus’ section with additional questions that encourage students to think, formulate and express their own opinions. Useful expressions for writing and speaking are highlighted separately. After every second topic, there were tasks for repetition and generalization of the studied vocabulary and grammar.
At the end of the textbook there are reference materials on grammar (rules to which links appear in the sections), letters (samples of formatting written work), speech (a list of useful phrases, phrases, phrasal verbs), and a table of irregular verbs.










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Size: 111 MB
PDF Quality : good but in black and white
Edition: second Edition











Close-Up B2 WorkBook with Audio 2nd edition PDF,MP3














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