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Discourses of Helping Professions

Discourses of Helping Professions

Discourses of Helping Professions (Pragmatics & Beyond New Series)

Discourses of Helping Professions brings together cutting-edge research on professional discourses from both traditional helping contexts such as doctor-patient interaction or psychotherapy and more recent helping contexts such as executive coaching.

Unlike workplace, professional and institutional discourse – by now well established fields in linguistic research – discourses of helping professions represent an innovative concept in its orientation to a common communicative goal: solving patients’ and clients’ physical, psychological, emotional, professional or managerial problems via a particular helping discourse.
The book sets out to uncover differences, similarities and interferences in how professionals and those seeking help interactively tackle this communicative goal.

In its focus on professional helping contexts and its inter-professional perspective, the current book is a primer, intended to spark off more interdisciplinary and (applied) research on helping discourses, a socio-cultural phenomenon that is of growing importance in our post-modern society.
As such, it is of great relevance for discourse researchers and discourse practitioners, caretakers and social scientists of all shades as well as for everybody interested in helping professions.

Size: 12 MB
Series: Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 252
Edition: Edition
Date: 2014


Discourses of Helping Professions

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