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English Adventure Starter A

English Adventure Starter A (Activity Book – Pupil’s Book – Audio CDs – Songs – CD-ROM – Flashcards – Teacher’s Book – Video)

English Adventure Starter A

A new three-level training course for elementary school (preschool level) will make learning English vivid and memorable.

Favorite characters from Disney cartoons will help create a fantastic world of adventure and discovery at the lesson. Once in a wonderful country, children will be happy to learn to read and write, sing songs and tell stories in English, and Mowgli and Cinderella, Peter Pen and the Lion King, Aladdin and Lila will help them with this.
“English Adventure” makes learning English a magical, memorable experience, by using the familiar fantastic world of Disney characters that children know and love.
“English Adventure” has been written for Greek and Cypriot Pre-Junior and Junior classes.

The course uses a structured syllabus focussing on skills development, with abundant practice and recycling. Amazing stories, songs, chants, listening and reading materials inspire pupils to talk and write about their own lives, opinions and experiences.





Size: 2.72 GB
Series:English Adventure
Level:Starter A
Edition: Edition
Date: 2005








English Adventure Starter A




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