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English Vocabulary in Use Elementary (3rd Edition)

English Vocabulary in Use Elementary (3rd Edition) PDF,MP3

English Vocabulary in Use Elementary (3rd Edition)



The words you need to communicate with confidence.
Vocabulary entries and exercises for beginner-level (A2) English language learners. The book is great for both self-study and classroom use. Expand your vocabulary with ease with 60 chapters filled with easy-to-understand word definitions and practice exercises. Feel confident in what you study with Cambridge research into real-life communication and writing in English. Make self-study easier with practical tips, bonus activities, and answer keys at the end of the book.

Note for this edition: PDF was compiled on the basis of the publisher’s ebook, contains an interactive table of contents/bookmarks + table of contents at the beginning of the book with active links, all internal chapter transitions are saved. The alphabetical index also contains links to units in which certain words are mentioned. The distribution includes audio files from the ebook, the title of which indicates the unit number (U) and chapter subsections (A-F). The language of the audio and book is British English.










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Size: 166 MB
Series:English Vocabulary in Use
Edition: 3rd Edition











English Vocabulary in Use Elementary (3rd Edition) PDF,MP3














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