Life Advanced (1st Edition)

Life Advanced (1st Edition)
Life Advanced (1st Edition)

Welcome to Life, an thrilling new six-level grownup sequence that turns studying English into an exploration of the world we reside in.

Drawing on Nationwide Geographic content material, Life transforms the training expertise into a wonderful journey with irresistible photographs, articles and movies that interact college students like no sequence earlier than.

Deliver Life into your classroom!

Complete grammar, vocabulary, features, pronunciation and expertise syllabuses handle the wants of up to date college students, after which Life goes one step additional to complement communication and demanding considering.

Grammar is in context with full explanations and in depth extra help.

Vocabulary is thematically with additional focus at lexical and morphological ranges in Phrase focus and Phrase constructing sections.

Actual Life classes mannequin and apply on a regular basis features and pronunciation.

Each lesson ends with a productive end result, resembling talking or writing.

Format: PDF,MP3
Size: 466 MB
Series:  Life (British English)
Level: Advanced C1
Edition: 1st Edition
Date: 2013


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