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Living Grammar Pre-intermediate

Living Grammar Pre-intermediate PDF,ISO

Living Grammar Pre-intermediate



Learn and practise grammar in context!
With answers.
You can work through the book from beginning to end.
Ail the units will present and practise the grammar in
typical everyday situations. When you have fînished the
exercises, you can go to the Over to you tasks for that
topic at the back of the book for extra practice, and then
check your answers.
Or, when you have a particular grammar problem, you
might want to study that topic first. You can look up the
topic you need in the Contents at the front of the book, or
in the Index at the back.
Key features
* Explanations include a ‘Grammar in action’ section which explains when the grammar is typically used.
* Exercises are contextualized so that students practise using the grammar in everyday situations.
* ‘Word focus’ boxes highlight interesting idiomatic expressions or words students might not be familiar with.
* An ‘Over to you’ task bank at the back of the book offers freer practice, and sample model answers.
* Modern, upbeat illustrations and exercises that apply grammar to real situations give the series a strong appeal to teenage and adult learners.
* Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels help prepare students for the KET exam; Intermediate prepares students for the PET exam.










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  • CD-ROM






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Living Grammar Pre-intermediate PDF,ISO









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