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MyGrammarLab INTERMEDIATE B1/B2 (Book + Audio CDs)

MyGrammarLab INTERMEDIATE B1/B2 (Book + Audio CDs) PDF,MP3

MyGrammarLab INTERMEDIATE B1/B2 (Book + Audio CDs)

One thing new has come that can change the best way your college students study, apply and bear in mind grammar. Step 1: take the diagnostic check Step 2: examine the grammar within the ebook and on-line Step 3: do extra apply on-line Step 4: take the progress check Step 5: want extra apply? Go browsing and do the cell workouts Step 6: take the exit check to see how a lot you will have learnt With its studying hints and ideas, quick suggestions, computerized grading, and grammar tutor movies, this course is right for self-study, in addition to a grammar reference and apply companion to your English language course. MyGrammarLab Intermediate supplies grammar apply for the PET and FCE exams.











Size: 397.3 MB
Date: 2012










  • MyGrammarLab_B1_B2.pdf 138.73 MB
  • MyGrammarLab_B1_B2_Answers.pdf 1.83 MB
  • CD1 40.22 MB
  • CD2 70.99 MB
  • CD3 72.74 MB
  • CD4 72.73 MB











MyGrammarLab INTERMEDIATE B1/B2 (Book + Audio CDs)









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