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Prepare Level 2: Videos (2nd Edition)

Prepare Level 2: Videos (2nd Edition) PDF,MP4 download

Prepare Level 2: Videos (2nd Edition)



“Teen-upal” topics along with an intense preparation for the revised 2020 A2 key, B1 preliminary school as well as B2 first for schools.

Where the English language meets exams! Prepare second edition combines the “Teen-ENTS” topics with an intense setting of the revised key 2020 A2 for schools, B1 primary school and B2 first for schools. Students will enjoy interactive and personal lessons with topics and resources related to their interests.

The new life skills approach inspires learners to expand their horizons and knowledge and includes visions of Cambridge a working framework for life.

Teachers can relax, knowing that each unit pushes students towards the success of the exam, and that the training course creates English users who are confident with enhanced vocabulary and the curriculum.

The comprehensive support package includes an audio sound, downloadable shows, test generators, videos, and a flexible bank to practice vocabulary, bases, literature, exam skills (speaking and writing) and more!














Size: 4.45 GB
CEF Level: A2 – B1
Edition: second Edition
Date:December 2018











Prepare Level 2: Videos (2nd Edition) PDF,MP4














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