Prime Time 1: Interactive Whiteboard Software

Prime Time 1: Interactive Whiteboard Software ISO download

Prime Time 1: Interactive Whiteboard Software

Prime Time 1: Interactive Whiteboard Software

“Prime Time” is an engaging series of English language courses aimed at young adult and adult learners, spanning from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate levels. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

Key Features

Integrated Skills Development

  • The course provides a balanced approach to developing all four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Engaging Dialogues

  • The series includes realistic and stimulating dialogues that depict everyday situations, helping learners connect with the material.

Vocabulary Enhancement

  • There is a strong focus on vocabulary presentation and practice, ensuring learners expand their lexical resources.

Diverse Reading and Listening Tasks

  • Learners engage with a variety of reading and listening tasks, enhancing comprehension and analytical skills.

Clear Grammar Instruction

  • Grammar structures are clearly presented and practiced, aiding in solid grammatical understanding.

Critical Thinking and Web Research

  • Activities are designed to encourage critical thinking and response, alongside tasks that involve web research, promoting digital literacy.

Writing Skills Development

  • Writing sections offer models and guidance to develop writing skills progressively.

Interactive Speaking Activities

  • The course includes realistic pair work and group work activities, promoting effective communication skills.

Pronunciation and Intonation

  • Dedicated sections focus on improving pronunciation and intonation, critical for clear and accurate speech.

Study Tips

  • Tips are provided to help students become autonomous learners, fostering independent study habits.

Cultural and Cross-Curricular Content

  • Culture Corner and Cross-curricular sections enrich the learning experience by providing cultural insights and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Review and Revision

  • Each module concludes with Language Review and Revision sections, reinforcing learned material.

Grammar Reference

  • A comprehensive Grammar Reference Section is available for quick access to grammar rules and explanations.

Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB)

  • The series is equipped with Interactive Whiteboard Software, enhancing classroom interactivity and engagement.


“Prime Time” is a well-rounded English learning series that not only develops linguistic proficiency but also fosters critical thinking, cultural awareness, and independent learning skills. It’s a comprehensive resource for both teachers and students aiming for thorough and engaging English language education.




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Prime Time 1: Interactive Whiteboard Software



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