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Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book with Audio

Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book with Audio PDF,MP3

Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book with Audio

This fully updated and revised edition of the Proficiency Masterclass provides material to provide prospective candidates with adequate preparation and practice for the 2013 Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) exam. The material in this course also provides an opportunity for candidates to develop their English on a broader level in order to succeed in the real world beyond the exam.
The units in this Student Book contain the practice of Examination tasks for each part of each assignment in the exam. Vocabulary and grammar will be developed at a high level throughout the course. The grammar curriculum is supported by a section of grammar notes (page 149) written by linguist George Yule. The Review (page 150) section contains exercises that will help you review and consolidate the language covered in the main units.
The online skills and language exercises (your unique access code is on the card at the end of this book) contains over 150 exercises that build on and expand on the languages ​​and skills covered in the student book. It contains:
Exam practice tasks for each part of the four test papers, including speaking and recording tasks
Exercises to train skills
Text analysis tasks
Vocabulary exercises
Grammar exercises
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 8th Edition search box
Feedback on your answers.
(Available if your teacher specifies tasks from your online skills and your language practice “with help” or in self-study.)







  • Student’s Book
  • Audio CDs
  • Tapescripts & Answer Key






Size: 292 MB
Series:Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass
Level:Advanced (C2)
Date: 2012









Proficiency Masterclass Student’s Book with Audio PDF,MP3








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