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Russian Language in 25 Lessons

Russian Language in 25 Lessons PDF 
Russian Language in 25 Lessons

The book represents a course of 25 lessons of Russian language adapted for self learning that will help to form skills of using essential structures of Russian language. The lessons represent essential subjects – the structure of the Russian language in non complicated and easily understandable way. The textbook will be useful for a beginner, as well as intermediate students of Russian. The learning material is followed by many examples after each lesson.
You will learn the essential subjects of Russian language:
Conjugation of verbs in all tenses;
Verbs of motion;
Genders and plural;
Modal verbs;
Reflexive verbs;
Aspects of verbs;
Imperative mood;
Diminutive suffixes;
And other subjects…






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Russian Language in 25 Lessons PDF









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