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Speakout Advanced (2nd edition)

Speakout Advanced (2nd edition)

Speakout Advanced (2nd edition)

Discover the new edition of the award-winning course for teaching English as it is spoken. Using content from the BBC, Speakout 2nd Edition builds the skills and knowledge students need to communicate confidently.

Speakout is the English language course that includes video content from the BBC to engage students and make teaching easier.

It follows a balanced approach to topics, language development and skills work.

Speaking activities are prominent, but not at the expense of the other core skills of reading, writing and listening, which are developed systematically throughout.









Size:1.95 GB
Edition:2nd Edition
Date: 2016









Speakout Advanced (2nd edition)




Student’s Book



Audio CD 1 + Audio CD 2





Workbook (with key)





Workbook Audio





Tests + Tests(audio)





BBC Interviews Worksheets





DVD Clips – Worksheets






Placement Test




photocobiable epanel










Teacher’s Book





BBC Interview Worksheets Video





BBC DVD Clips Extra





Listening and Reading Extra with Answer Key





Pronunciation Extra with Answer Key





Vocabulary Extra with Answer Key





Writing Extra with Answer Key





Video Podcasts





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