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Speed reading Simple guide

Speed reading Simple guide


Speed reading Simple guide: How to increase your reading speed in less than 1 hour. Become the reader #1

Dramatically improve your reading speed today!
Do you hate reading?
Has reading always been a struggle for you?
Do you read slower than your peers and classmates?
You too can learn the skills and techniques of speed reading to help you dramatically increase your reading speed and comprehend more!
In this book Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading-Increase Your Speed Reading by 300% in Less than 24 Hours, you will learn why your reading rate is slow and how you can start reading much faster with a few simple exercises.
The techniques that you will learn in this book are simple and easy.
You will find exercises that will help you break bad reading habits and open up a while new world of possibilities.
No matter what your reading speed is, this book will help you read faster!
Speed reading is the secret weapon of straight A students and professionals in every field. Learn how you too can change your life and be successful by learning how to speed read.


2016 | EPUB, MOBI, conv. PDF | 38 pages |1.16 MB



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