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Thai Phrasebook: 1,001

Thai Phrasebook: 1,001

Thai Phrasebook: 1,001 Thai Phrases, Learn Thai Language Quick and Easy, Thai Language for Beginners

Learn Thai Language Quick and Easy!
1,001 Easy to Learn Thai Words is the easy-to-reach-for phrasebook you are looking for on your travels around Thailand.

You will find all the words, sayings, and phrases you need, and more to help you get by in Thailand with confidence.
Bargain like a local with handy sound bites, meet up with friends or make new ones, get to where you are going on time, get out of a jam without hassle, and make sure you are getting your message across.
You no longer have to fear ordering food off a menu or you will no longer be forced to wander wildly through a crowd looking for the lone English speaker that can help you out.

With this Thai phrasebook you will be ahead of the other tourists and in touch with the locals.

learn the Thai language with phrases for all occasions that are broken down into easy-to-pronounce sound bites.

You can always have this Thai phrasebook at your side so you are never far away from helping yourself out.
The Thai language is beautiful and simple while also being full of sounds you may never have even made with your mouth before.

Luckily there are few better places to try out a new language than in the land of smiles.
With this guide you be well-equipped to try out the many different tones and nuances of the Thai language and to discover Thailand on a new level.

Explore the country in a way that is hidden to English speakers and experience things that exist outside of guidebooks.
There are phrases here to cover your many needs.

You will have the basics and pleasantries needed to make friends, tell the time, and count how much change you have left.

You can run the range of food and drinks on offer and make sure you have your dietary needs catered to.

If you need to send a postcard, use the internet, find a bank, exchange money, book a tour, or if you just want to find the best noodles in town you will find something here for you.
If you want to get the most out of Thailand you will need to speak to the locals and outside the big cities getting by on English alone might not always been an option.

Stay safe, build new connections, and never get lost by making have the right words at your disposal.
Learning Thai for beginners has never been easier and you can dip in and out as you please, taking with you the words and phrases that most suit your needs.

A good phrasebook is the most vital tool to have when you are trying to learn the Thai language.

Especially if you are learning it in the field as you go.
Whether you are looking to learn Thai for beginners or you just want a trusty sidekick to help you navigate the beach, jungles and streets of Thailand you have found the right book.

Welcome to Thai 1,001 with 1,001 Easy to Learn Thai Words.


2016 | EPUB, MOBI | 339 pages | English/Thai | 1.65 MB



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