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Top Notch 1 Workbook + Tests (3rd edition)

Top Notch 1 Workbook + Tests (3rd edition) PDF,DOC , MP3

Top Notch 1 Workbook + Tests (3rd edition)



Renowned for its unique speaking pedagogy, Top Notch is a dynamic communicative course that makes English unforgettable. Goals and achievement-based lessons with “can-do” statements enable students to confirm their progress in every class session.

Top Notch builds confidence for successful verbal communication and develops critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies.


New Conversation Activator and Pronunciation Coach Videos in every unit build conversational competence and accurate pronunciation.
New: Full-color digital vocabulary flashcards for varied, enriched, and explicit practice.
New: Interactive extra grammar exercises to maximize the quantity of grammar practice in every unit.
New: Achievement tests include Speaking and Writing tests for every unit, ensuring a fuller evaluation of progress.

Other Highlights

Hundreds of supplementary practice activities and exercises ensure teachers never have to supplement the course.
Extensive listening comprehension practice. Includes exposure to a variety of authentic regional and non-native accents to prepare students for English in today’s world.
The Top Notch TV Video program – with hilarious sitcoms and authentic on-the-street interviews – builds confidence in understanding natural spoken language.
Top Notch Pop songs and karaoke – with accompanying language exercises – make English unforgettable.
The expanded MyEnglishLab – with Grammar Coach and Pronunciation Coach Videos, remedial grammar exercises, and immediate feedback on wrong answers – enables programs to tailor Top Notch to the needs of their course.










  • Workbook
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Size: 68 MB
Series:Top Notch
Edition: Third Edition











Top Notch 1 Workbook + Tests (3rd edition) PDF,DOC,MP3













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