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Touchstone Classware 1-4

TouchstoneClass ware 1-4

TouchstoneClass ware 1-4

Touchstone – is an innovative new series for adults and young people studying English.

He draws on extensive research from the Cambridge International Corps on the North American English.

A large database of daily exercises and texts shows how people use English.

The Touchstone study area is based on a new conversation management strategy:

how to start and how to end a conversation, how to ask or ask indirect questions …

As a result, we get an innovative language and continuing education course that helps students communicate naturally and effectively, even in the the beginning of the level.

Touchstone offers a new approach to teaching and learning English.

Touchstone Whiteboard Software is a software that allows teachers to present complete lessons on a large screen or smart board in front of the class.

The software includes an interactive student textbook with videos, interactive on-screen applications, audio and text tools, and more.

Teachers can choose and organize the content of the lessons themselves. This package contains software for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.


The interactive version is primarily for classes in e-classes equipped with “Smart Boards” (Smart Board) with a teacher.

You can also learn on your own on a PC.

the course is completely English, I can say that it is for those who have passed the English curriculum.

A rare program, given its inflated price of 500 British pounds !!! .

The Touchstone version of the books is the Middle East edition.

which can be judged by the pictures and the corresponding text.


1. Click on the Cambridge_Classware exe file and in the window that appears, specify the path to any place on your system where you want to install (for example, “Program Files”).
2. Then from the folder “Cambridge_Classware” go to the folder “Classware” and run the file “Classware” with the extension “.exe” (for convenience, you can make a shortcut to the desktop from it).
In principle, a program can be launched even from a flash drive (keep in mind that saving sessions is done in the system folder)
To run it requires “Adobe AIR”, we take from here:


















Format: EXE
Size: 1.57 GB
Series: Touchstone
Level: 1-4
Edition: 1st Edition
Date: 2009
















Touchstone Classware 1-4






























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