Traveller 3: Teacher\’s Manuals (KSA Edition)

TRAVELLER is an exciting course that takes learners from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the modular approach and is organised into topic-based modules.

Course Features:

• Motivating and contemporary topics with multicultural and cross-curricular Information.

• Lively dialogues presenting real spoken English.

• An Integrated approach to the development of the four skills.

• Special emphasis on vocabulary building.

• Grammar presented and practised in context.

• Systematic development of reading and listening skills and subskills.

• A variety of communicative tasks.

• Step-by-step approach to writing.

• Activities encouraging personal response.

• Practical tips helping students to become autonomous learners.

• A round-up section In each module providing regular revision and consolidation.

• A grammar reference section.

• Culture pages.


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