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Unlocking French with Paul Noble

Unlocking French with Paul Noble: Your key to language success with the bestselling language coach

Ever tried to learn French and found it too hard? Bestselling language coach Paul Noble has a quick and easy way to get you back on track with his unique tried-and-tested method.
Keeps things simple with three basic rules; don’t skip anything, don’t try to memorise anything and cover up to test yourself.
A fun, jargon-free way to learn
Easy-to-understand French pronunciation
PROVEN to work; Paul can teach anyone a language, even people who think they’re incapable
Paul’s course teaches you how to speak French more effectively, giving you the building blocks to form a huge range of conversations. This is a practical way to learn the aspects of language that you’ll actually need and use; from booking a hotel room to navigating a menu, Paul will effortlessly build your confidence and give you the tools to handle any holiday situation. His ‘word robbery’ will also help unlock the range of vocabulary you already know.
Ideal for first-time learners or people who struggled in school, this book will help you absorb information quickly and efficiently, just like you did learning English as a child. Forget the way you used to be taught; this course guarantees you minimum effort and maximum success without the need for complex grammar rules or jargon.

Format: epub
Size: 14 MB
Date: 2017


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