Viewpoint 1 Teacher’s Edition

Viewpoint 1 Teacher’s Edition PDF

Viewpoint 1 Teacher's Edition

Viewpoint is an innovative course that’s based on extensive research into the Cambridge English Corpus, taking students to a higher level of proficiency to become effective communicators. Viewpoint Level 1 Teacher’s Edition with Assessment CD-ROM, features page-by-page teaching notes, with step-by-step lesson plans, audio scripts, and answer key for the Level 1 Student’s Book and Workbook. It also includes fully customizable quizzes for each unit, as well as mid-terms and end-of-book tests.


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Viewpoint 1 Student’s Book with Audio CDs





Size: 25 MB
Series: Viewpoint
Level: 1
Edition: 1st Edition
Date: 2012


Viewpoint 1 Teacher’s Edition

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