Whaddaya Say? Guided Practice in Relaxed Speech, Second Edition

Whaddaya Say? is the result of 25 years of research on reduced forms. Since 1981, it has helped thousands of students around the world understand English as it is really spoken. This easy-to-use listening book introduces students to the most common reduced forms of spoken English for going to, want to, have to, and more – fully contextualized in conversations that are both practical and entertaining.

Each of the text’s 30 lessons include a auto segment that introduces new reduced forms, followed by comprehension questions and practice exercises.

* Units on new reductions, plus undated versions of the original 20 units.
* Thirty percent more high-frequency reduced forms on topics such as the Internet, health, movies, bungee jumping, and more.
* Comprehension questions following listening.
* The inclusion of “social language” such as greetings, good-byes, and apologies.
* Short listening tests for extra practice in typically difficult areas.

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