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Beginning Spanish ,1st Edition (Practice Makes Perfect)

Drop boring language courses and learn Spanish with this dynamic, multimedia course! Practice Makes Perfect: Beginning Spanish gives you an all-encompassing learning experience. You\’ll immerse yourself in extensive audio practice and written exercises, giving you the guidance and support you need to master the basic structures of Spanish. This dynamic package features: A downloadable program with more than 400 dialogues and audio exercises Concise grammar explanations and a comprehensive glossary for quick reference A workbook with more than 140 written exercises that reinforce the downloadable program More than ten hours of audio recordings that can be downloaded to your MP3 player Topics include: Finding Your Way Around—Hay, Describing Places and Things—Adjectives, Talking about Nationalities and Professions, Food and Film—Ser, Describing People, Emotions, and Health—Ser and Estar, Talking about Work and Play—Ir and Hacer, Talking about What you Need and What you Know, Shopping and Cooking—Saber and Conocer, Entertaining at Home—Tener, Your Daily Routine—Reflexive Verbs, Talking about Trips, Your Likes and Dislikes—The Preterite, Talking about your Childhood—The Imperfect, Health and Accidents—The Imperfect and the Preterite, At School and the Office—Comparatives and Superlatives, Business and The Cost of Living—The Present Perfect and the Past Perfect, Giving and Following Directions—The Imperative, Plans for the Holidays—The Future and Conditional, Talking about Relationships, Making Judgments—The Present Subjunctive


Format: PDF
Size: 11,44 МB
Date: 2011
Series: Practice Makes Perfect
Edition: 1st Edition


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