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English File Advanced Student’s Book (4th edition)

English File Advanced Student’s Book (4th edition) PDF

English File Advanced Student's Book (4th edition)
english file advanced 4th edition
English File Fourth Edition Advanced SB with Online Practice – A manual with an access code to additional interactive exercises on the platform
English File is an extremely communicative course that makes students want to speak English and have a lot to say in each lesson.
The balance of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and language skills development builds the confidence of students and listeners.
Students and teachers have convenient access to a large amount of additional materials, such as audio recordings, films, copying worksheets, interactive exercises and many others, gathered in one place online.

English File Advanced SB fourth edition







  • SB







Size: 113 MB
Series:English File
Level: Advanced C1
Edition: fourth Edition










English File Advanced Student’s Book (4th edition) PDF












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