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English for Presentations

English for Presentations PDF,MP3

English for Presentations

Express Series English for Presentations PDF,MP3

It is the perfect quick course for professionals who wish to provide English shows.

It can be achieved at 25-30 hours, so university students advance rapidly.

Palms-on duties allow university students to use a new language instantly.
How can it be used or not?

As an independent, brief and intensive course.
For self -study, using interactive multirom.
Along with an additional basic course book, similar to categorical Worldwide.


Key options

The ‘Starter’ warming actions use the experiences of university students to address each unit subject.
Packaging tips Current key language factors, useful and technical phrases.
The ‘output’ actions in the finish of each unit encourage the dialogue and rapid monitoring of the fabric.
Interactive multirom with each title with self -study materials so that university students maximize their time inside and outside the classroom.






  • Student’s Book
  • Audio





Size: 50 MB
Series:Express Series


English for Presentations PDF,MP3








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