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English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate



70 units of vocabulary reference and practice; Self-study and Classroom Use.

English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate is a vocabulary book for good intermediate level learners and above. It is primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work.

English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate: 70 easy-to-use two-page units: phrasal verbs are presented and explained on left-hand pages with a range of practice exercises on right-hand pages;

Presents and explains approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs in typical contexts using tables, charts, short texts and dialogues;

Contains a Mini dictionary with easy-to-understand definitions and cross references to units in the book;

Provides valuable information about appropriate usage;

Promotes good learning habits with study tips and follow-up tasks;

Contains a comprehensive, student-friendly answer key;

Includes the most frequently used phrasal verbs from a corpus of written and spoken English and from the Cambridge Phrasal Verbs Dictionary.





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