Family and Friends 5 (1st Edition)

Family and Friends 5 (1st EDition)
Family and Friends 5 (1st EDition)

Family and Friends 5 is the fifth level of one of the most popular English language courses for children issued by world-famous Oxford University Press.
During the study, the level of knowledge acquired by children will be constantly monitored, which will help to feel more confident in the effectiveness and usefulness of the courses taken.
Family and Friends – this is a gradual study of the basic reading, writing and speaking skills, smoothly moving from one to another and turning the learning process into a fun game.
Lessons voiced by professional speakers will help lay a solid and complete foundation in the correct pronunciation and emphasis.
Family and Friends is a choice for parents and teachers who care about English for children.

Size: 302 MB
Series:Family and Friends
Level: 5
Edition: 1st Edition
Date: 2010


Family and Friends 5 (1st EDition)


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