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First Certificate Star

First Certificate Star (Student’s Book + Practice Book Grammar and Vocabulary + Audio) PDF,MP3

First Certificate Star



The course presents students with motivating topics that encourage interest whilst reflecting the requirements of the exam
The comprehenive grammar syllabus with easy-to-follow presentation boxes give systematic practice for the Use of English paper
Special focus is given to vocabulary expansion, with sections on ‘words often confused’ and phrasal verbs in every unit
Reading, listening and speaking skills are developed and practised through a mixture of interesting material and exam tasks
Thorough preparation is given for the writing paper with staged writing tasks and models to analyse
Information boxes on all parts of the exam are clearly presented with an explanation of the task type and useful advice for students to follow
The reference section includes a grammar reference section and a phrasal verb dictionary with definitions and examples taken from the Collins COBUILD Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs.
Yabba dabba doo
In good company
The good, the bad and the unbearable
Culture shock
Review: Units 1-4
Comic genius
Talking sense
Leisure for pleasure
Sherlock Holmes
Review: Units 5-8
Mysterious monsters
What’s in a face?
Meat: to eat or not to eat?
The power and magic of dreams
Review: Units 9-12
Goodies and baddies
TV times
The end of intelligence?
Good luck, bad luck
Review: Units 13-16
Worth a thousand words
One small step
From rags to riches
Review: Units 17-19
An American dream
Potato races
Holidays are bad for your health
Review: Units 20-22
Communicative activities
UCLES sample answer sheets
Grammar review
Phrasal verb dictionary
Word list










  • Student’s Book
  • Practice Book Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Audio






Size: 216 MB
Pages:239 , 142











First Certificate Star PDF,MP3




Student’s Book








Practice Book Grammar and Vocabulary















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