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First Certificate Star : Teacher’s Book

First Certificate Star : Teacher’s Book PDF

First Certificate Star : Teacher's Book



The contents of the Student’s Book units are summarized at the beginning of each Teacher’s Book unit, providing a clear and quick reference.There are clear and easy-to-use teaching notes for all activities, answers are given for all exercises, the tapescripts are integrated into the teaching notes for ease of use.
Yabba dabba doo
In good company
The good, the bad and the unbearable
Culture shock
Review: Units 1-4
Comic genius
Talking sense
Leisure for pleasure
Sherlock Holmes
Review: Units 5-8
Mysterious monsters
What’s in a face?
Meat: to eat or not to eat?
The power and magic of dreams
Review: Units 9-12
Goodies and baddies
TV times
The end of intelligence?
Good luck, bad luck
Review: Units 13-16
Worth a thousand words
One small step
From rags to riches
Review: Units 17-19
An American dream
Potato races
Holidays are bad for your health
Review: Units 20-22
Revision tests
Revision test answer key
Supplementary writting exams










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First Certificate Star : Teacher’s Book PDF









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