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French Sentence Builder, 2nd Edition (Practice Makes Perfect)

The go-to sentence-building guide now includes a brand-new, fully comprehensive review chapter! You’ve learned the fundamentals of French grammar, like spelling, word meanings, and parts of speech. Now it’s time to take the next step and put them all together to communicate complete ideas. Practice Makes Perfect French Sentence Builder, Second Edition guides you through the process of putting the “parts” of French together correctly, from connecting words into clauses to writing original sentences to creating whole paragraphs. You’ll get where you want in no time through Practice Makes Perfect’s systematic, crystal-clear approach to building sentences. Practice Makes Perfect French Sentence Builder, Second Edition features: Clear explanations of how to apply grammar to create well-formed sentences Numerous examples of correctly-formed French sentences Lesson reinforcement with copious practice exercises, include multiple choice, sentence-correction, and building new sentences from scratch Answer key, including suggestions for creative exercises


Format: EPUB
Size: 27,32 МB
Date: 2017
Series: Practice Makes Perfect
Edition: 2nd Edition


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