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Gateway B1 Video (2nd edition)

Gateway B1 Video (2nd edition)

Gateway B1 Video (2nd edition)

Gateway is a mannequin new academically wealthy English language course for contemporary kids, consisting of 5 ranges.
Gateway was created to rearrange faculty faculty college students for worthwhile commencement exams and admission to elevated instructional establishments, to develop in them a wide range of expertise and skills essential for finding out at a college and a worthwhile profession.

Trendy, deep and interesting course content material materials supplies, based totally completely on interdisciplinary and intercultural provides, develops and maintains the mounted curiosity of scholars and lecturers all through the provides being studied.

Gateway helps highschool faculty faculty college students to totally put collectively for the final phrase examination in English, offers them the prospect to often have a look at their diploma of instructing, and develops their metasubject expertise they want for mounted self-improvement and self-realization.

Fairly just a few varied workout routines of a coaching and ingenious nature, self-assessment duties broaden the precise data of scholars all through the area of vocabulary and grammar of the fashionable English language, enhance their speech and compensatory expertise and skills.










    • B1 Flipped classroom video worksheets answer key.pdf 168.17 KB
    • B1 Life skills video script.pdf 205.55 KB
    • Video Worksheets and keys 7.87 MB
    • UNIT 1 Video 72.33 MB
    • UNIT 10 Video 72.87 MB
    • UNIT 2 Video 76.55 MB
    • UNIT 3 Video 72.13 MB
    • UNIT 4 Video 69.81 MB
    • UNIT 5 Video 75.78 MB
    • UNIT 6 Video 73.30 MB
    • UNIT 7 Video 72.44 MB
    • UNIT 8 Video 77.77 MB
    • UNIT 9 Video 79.82 MB





Size: 751.08 MB
Edition: 2nd Edition
Date: 2016








Gateway B1 Video (2nd edition)






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