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German Fluency 3

German Fluency 3 PDF,MP3

German Fluency 3

German Complete Fluency Course 3

Obtain Fluency with Glossika’s Audio Spaced-Repetition Instructing for Excessive-Rookies!

Glossika instructing focuses considerably on bringing your talking and listening expertise to fluency.

Glossika instructing enhances textbook examine and is nice for preparing for tutoring programs.

We offer 120+ hours of audio instructing.


• Conversational and good speech register

• 1000 bilingual sentences, pronunciation information, phonetic transcription of every sentence.

• Actual language utilized by native audio system, improve sentence constructions.

• Key sentence elements and high-frequency vocabulary.

• For busy individuals: contains relaxed schedule of 20 minutes of listening per day.

• Furthermore contains intensive 3-month schedule to complete Fluency 1-3.











Size: 1.71 GB
Series:Glossika Mass Sentences










German Fluency 3 PDF,MP3














Audio CD 1








Audio CD 2









Book & Audio


















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    could you please let us know which file has the book in it? the downloads take a lot of time and I’m missing the pdf of the book (I haven’t got the time to look through each link). Thank you.

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