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Headway Intermediate: Teacher’s Guide (5th edition)

Headway Intermediate: Teacher’s Guide (5th edition) PDF 
Headway Intermediate: Teacher's Guide (5th edition)


The Teacher’s Guide contains full teaching notes for each unit and extensive guidance on using material effectively for your students. Direction on how and when to use the resources provided with the Teacher’ Resource Centre is detailed in the Teacher’s Guide. The Teacher’s Resource Centre builds on Headway’s reputation for teacher support, providing a bank of online resources clearly linked to the Headway syllabus. Resources including tests, photocopiable worksheets and wordlists are stored in one place, saving you valuable time. An easy-to-use Learning Management System allows you to track the progress your students are making on the Online Practice.







Size:1.45 MB
Edition: 5th Edition
Date: 2019









Headway Intermediate: Teacher’s Guide (5th edition) PDF
















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