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Headway Upper-Intermediate (5th edition)

Headway Upper-Intermediate (5th edition)    
Headway Upper-Intermediate (5th edition)

The Headway fifth Version, up to date with new texts, matters, and themes, affords current and up-to-date English instruction tailor-made to your college students’ desires.

The fifth version of Headway presents the latest, up-to-date instructions in English vital for achievement nowadays. Headway and its victory authors, Liz and John Soars, sq. measure names that grew to become substitutable with instructing and studying English.

Educate in an exceedingly completely balanced Headway synchronic linguistics and abilities program supported the world-famous course methodology.

retains the tried methodology of the course and is complemented by new texts, matters and digital assets.





Size: 1.30 GB
Edition:5th Edition




Headway Upper-Intermediate (5th edition)



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