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How to Pass Selection Tests: Essential Preparation for Numerical, Verbal, Clerical and IT Tests (4th Edition)

How to Pass Selection Tests will help anyone who faces employers\’ tests, providing expert advice and practice material.

The first part of the book advises candidates on the different types of test, why they are used, how to prepare for them, how to develop a successful test strategy, and how to deal with anxiety. The second part of the book contains hundreds of practice psychometric questions, both verbal and numerical, which are relevant to some of the most common types of test used for selection purposes. By working through these, candidates will be able to familiarize themselves with the types of question asked, boost their confidence, and cope with nervousness – all key factors in achieving success.

Format: PDF
Size: 12 MB
Date: 2010
Series: How to Pass
Edition: 4th edition


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