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IELTS Practice Tests With Answer Keys

IELTS Practice Tests With Answer Keys PDF
IELTS Practice Tests With Answer Keys
These 3 complete Listening tests, 9 complete Reading tests, 9 complete Writing tests and 2 Speaking tests, have been prepared so that you can practise on your own or in a classroom with the help of a teacher. They have been trialled with students at different levels and at language centres internationally. Feedback from trialling has been incorporated at each stage of development.

Procedure for Listening, Reading and Writing Tests

Do these practice tests under strict test conditions.

Time yourself carefully and do not use a dictionary.

You may photocopy the blank answer sheets at the beginning of each test section or use your own paper.

You can practise the tests in the correct order or select tests according to thematic interest, using pages 2 and 3.

Check your answers to the Listening, Reading and Speaking tests using the Answer key at the back of the book.

• Rate your performance on the Writing tasks using the Self-Rating Guide on pages 135 and 136.

• Carry out the Reflection tasks at the end of each subtest section.






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Date: 2015






IELTS Practice Tests With Answer Keys














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