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Laser B1: Teacher’s book (Third Edition)

Laser B1: Teacher’s book (Third Edition) PDF

Laser B1: Teacher's book (Third Edition)



The Laser B1 teacher’s book gives advice on how to deal with the Student’s book, explains items which might cause problems, explains how to prepare materials and in general helps the teacher to teach well.
The Laser B1 Teacher’s book:
Points out the aim of each item in the Student’s book.
Gives suggestions and advice on dealing with each item.
Gives answers for all objective tasks ad suggested answers for open-ended items.
Suggests additional activities and gives detailed plans for them.
Provides extra photocopiable worksheets for further vocabulary, writing and listening practice.
Includes a section with 16 photocopiable Unit Revision Tests with Reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and writing tasks; one complete photocopiable 2013 revised FCE practice test.
Answer key and tapescripts for all tests.










  • Teacher’s book






Size: 62 MB
Edition: 3rd Edition











Laser B1: Teacher’s book (Third Edition) PDF









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