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Laser B1: Student’s book With Audio (Third Edition)

Laser B1: Student’s book With Audio (Third Edition) PDF,MP3

Laser B1: Student’s book With Audio (Third Edition)



The Laser series of English language textbooks is part of a modern five-level course, which is intended for high school and university students.
Laser B1 Student’s Book is the main textbook in the manual for level B1.
Level B1 (Intermediate) – second level – ‘intermediate’.
Intermediate level:
Find out other people’s opinions, attitudes and emotions and express your own
Express misunderstanding of the situation and ask for clarification
Express your ideas in a simple way
Speak with clear and understandable pronunciation for others
Express emotions and feelings using stress and intonation
Correctly combine words in a sentence in spoken and written English
Understand the main ideas in listening exercises in class
Understand main points and general meaning from context and recognize content
Recognize and distinguish the pronunciation of a person speaking English
Improve the ability to understand and distinguish between informal and formal written and spoken language in a variety of situations
Fill out various papers: declarations, questionnaires, etc.
Write letters, postcards
Write informational formal and informal letters
Write down the sequence of events, write stories
Describe people, places and situations
Supplement the presentation of a particular situation with personal comments
Express thoughts and attitudes simply and grammatically correctly
Upon completion of this level, the student can prepare to take the international Cambridge PET (Preliminary English Test) exam.










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Size: 281 MB
Edition: 3rd Edition











Laser B1: Student’s book With Audio (Third Edition) PDF,MP3









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