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Making Headway Pre-Intermediate. Talking in Pairs

A needs-based supplementary series for adults and young adults.

How can it be used?

* Alongside any coursebook at the appropriate level, e.g. New Headway.

* As modules in a customized course.

* Ideal for use in the classroom, or for self-study, or a combination of both.

Key features

* The material covers and goes beyond conventional skills work, giving teachers the opportunity to extend the scope of normal course material.

* The two titles at the lower levels, Everyday Listening and Speaking and Talking in Pairs, concentrate on survival skills. The two titles at the higher levels, Literature and Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, focus on areas not normally covered by traditional skills series.

* The series is characterized by its transparency and flexibility of use.

* Each unit is a whole, balanced lesson with ready-to-use material. The units can be dipped into or worked through methodically.

* All the books are topic-based, featuring subjects of real interest.

* Each book includes tapescripts and detailed keys to the exercises.


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